Rick Litherland's Other Home Page

[A picture, not of Litherland, but of the worm Ouroboros]

I have a home page graciously provided by the Louisiana State University Mathematics Department. This one is for stuff that doesn't really fit there. I expect that someday soon it will include political and/or cultural rants, but for now it just has a couple of my programming projects.


Sokoban is a game requiring thought, but with minimal demands on reaction time and manual dexterity. There are many versions available, but I wrote my own anyway. I'm also trying to build an archive of solutions, to which all Sokoban enthusiasts are invited to contribute.


This is a C module for parsing the optional arguments to a program. You can read the documentation or download the code.


OK, still no rants, but a couple of my pet peeves:


Now up to 1 of a projected 1.